Hello Introvert Self

work in progress on the slab

work in progress on the slab

It was fun to air Extrovert Self for three weeks during the art exhibition.  Every two years I take Extrovert Self out of the cupboard, hose her down and trot her out.   For the duration of the show I have to keep her scrupulously clean and think about what she will wear each day.  She has to sparkle as much as it is possible for her to do.  She enjoys herself but gets tired with the socializing nonetheless.

At the end of the exhibition it takes a period of transition (a couple of weeks) to deflate herself enough to fit back into the cupboard.  She kind of hangs around for a bit, wondering if she is still required or not.  Eventually she understands that her biannual outing is over and goes back in without a struggle.

Hello Introvert Self.  You’re back.  So good to have you back.  Introvert Self likes nothing better than to sit alone in a room for hours at a time and draw.  Listening to good old New Zealand music (The Chills) she feels completely at peace with the world.

She is wearing the same daggy clothes day after day.  Her hair is unwashed.  She is a sight! But she doesn’t care; in fact, revels in it.   Introvert Self doesn’t talk much.  She immerses herself in her subject matter.   She goes for a walk each day and she draws.  (And she thinks of Matthew.)

Life is Beautiful!

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About juliepodstolski

I am a realist artist who works in coloured pencils.
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22 Responses to Hello Introvert Self

  1. Sherry Telle says:

    I so look forward to your blog, life is beautiful! My introvert self spends most of her time in the closet squashed in there only to come out when no one is around. I need her every once in awhile to quietly reflect on what comes out of my extrovert self’s actions. She grounds me and brings me around to reason. We are opposites of like mind I think! Is it odd that my closest friends are introverts who usually only think what I say, and therefore keep themselves out of trouble? As always I really enjoyed your blog, but tonight it was an extra special treat as everyone has gone to bed and I am sitting here alone with just a couple of kitties to keep me company and I was able to read at my leisure with no interruptions!

  2. Introvert is way cooler than that Extrovert person who pops out sometimes. Introvert likes to relax and do things that are inspiring and fun, while Extrovert has to interact with people! Introverts unite on the internet :D!

  3. shirley winstanley says:

    That’s a lovely little piece of writing Julie. I went to see your show and found I had missed it. I had a friend with me whom I wanted to show your work to.. Bother!! I can’t sit as introvert self for more than a couple of hours. So I envy you that. Love your work. Keep going. Warm wishes Shirley

  4. HA! Wonderful post, Julie!! Can so relate! 🙂

  5. Like Sherry, I loved this post, it made me smile. I can relate to it though I am more extrovert than introvert, but I love nothing more than alone time with my art. Karen

  6. This made me smile too – a bit of recognition of the introvert/extrovert syndrome. I definitely am in the introvert camp, but am no longer shy, as I was when a child, so I can come out and talk and be part of the party, but it is exhausting, and I am always happy to return to my cave! Immersed in a drawing the world goes by unnoticed. But, unlike you, I do think carefully about what I wear each day, even if I know I will see no-one. I can’t function properly if I feel a mess!

    • Ha ha! Great comments, Anna. I function fabulously when a mess – as long as I know nobody will see. If Matt was home I would take a bit more care. As he’ll be home tomorrow, no more slovenly behaviour. In fact I’m even cleaned up today!

  7. Robyn Varpins says:

    even your geisha are introverts….ghosts in fact

  8. Ann Kullberg says:

    Wonderfully written, as always…

  9. Lol! Yes, I understand because I live with an introvert self, and it isn’t me. 😉

    • Tim, I live with an extrovert, and it isn’t me. I tend to think introvert/extrovert couples work well – one to talk and one to listen.

      • I think you’re right Julie. That there is a complementary relationship. Unless they are both extreme opposites, then I think it becomes a problem. Mary is very introverted and I’m a middle of the road extrovert. It’s worked for us for over 30 years.

      • Yes, Tim, whether we are introvert or extrovert, as long as we are sensitive to one another’s needs, everything should work out just fine. Over 30 years for Matt and I too.

  10. Sue Donze says:

    Just found this in my email and laughed! So true for so many of us, and me for sure! Love your work and blog. 🙂

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