I made a spontaneous visit to Kyoto last week.  As far as I knew nothing was happening; no erikae or misedashi (debuts).  I planned to walk and photograph for three days and hoped that I would find some good material for drawing.  Imagine my surprise when on the second day I walked into an erikae!  It was the erikae of Kimihiro of Miyagawa-cho.  I was incredulous and gobsmacked!   But there was no time to be a stunned mullet.  I gathered up my wits and got straight to work with my camera.

Today I have been sifting through 800+ images from my three Kyoto days and printing a great many of them. The top photo moved me to stop what I was doing and quickly write a blog post.  The photo is of Kimihiro and her younger sister, Kimitoyo.  I don’t mean just geiko/maiko sisters but REAL sisters.  Kimitoyo looks so proud of her big sister.  You can see there is love, respect and admiration between these two girls.


This interaction came when the official erikae walk was over.  Kimihiro went inside her okiya and at that point most of the photographers left.  I was chatting to a friend when, surprisingly, Kimihiro came back outside with Kimitoyo.  Only a handful of people witnessed this sisterly scene.   There was much posing, chatting and laughing – and happily for me, tolerance of the photographers.DSC_0610asmall

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8 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. sherrytelle

    Sisters have a special bond don’t they? Love the blog and can’t wait to see what you do with the photos you took Cousin Julie! Sadly I worked early this morning and didn’t turn the computer on,so I missed the blog with my morning coffee!

  2. anna warren portfolio

    Such an interesting contrast between the two faces – one twenty first century, the other timeless, not to mention the phone photograph being taken! Two worlds colliding … aren’t those background posters great too? I can see you have got lots of material in this short trip!

  3. shechen

    How beautiful to know these people exist in our crazy world. Just exquisite and peaceful. I can see why you are drawn ( no pun) to them- Lucky Julie to have that strong connection.


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