Diamonds 410 x 410 mm. 14th October 2014 Coloured pencil drawing by Julie Podstolski

410 x 410 mm.
14th October 2014
Coloured pencil drawing by Julie Podstolski

The title of my drawing “Diamonds” refers to the diamond shapes in the footpath and also to the three maiko who walk upon them.  The elegance and grace of Satsuki, Katsutomo and Mameroku, coupled with their rich fabric ensembles, make them a vision to behold.  Even a thoroughly urban Kyoto street is transformed by their presence.  They glow.

When looking at the source photo, the diamond-shaped paving stones caught my eye first and – as chance would have it -the almost diamond-shaped grouping of the three maiko which “spoke” to those stones.  What a lovely conversation of shapes!

The source photo

The source photo

I made many changes from the source photo to the drawing; cancelling unnecessary shapes and people plus pushing and pulling colours around to emphasize or minimize areas as required.  The whole process was a joy, from start to finish.

May 15th, 2015.  “Diamonds” was awarded the ‘Works on Paper Commendation’ at City of Wanneroo Art Awards.  The judges comments are as follows: This work on paper is created in coloured pencil.  The technical use of the medium is unsurpassed.  The softness of shading and capturing of light and shade is excellent.  There is a wonder to the geisha walking through the modern landscape.”

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11 thoughts on “Diamonds

  1. anna warren portfolio

    You know, I can SEE this was a joy to do. There is something so effortless in what you do – I wonder how many people realise how hard it is to get the colours right. I have just been working on a miniature coloured pencil drawing of hens in a yard, very simple, but it has been very difficult to get the colours and tones to balance. You take your source photo and take it to a whole new level with skill, technique and an indefinable magic!

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Thank you, Anna. I said to my friends when they visited me that I felt like the princess in “Rumpelstiltskin” weaving straw into gold. So I’m glad you say the word “magic”. Those three obi, with all their gold thread, was enough to put me into a swoon. I sure love obi! Of course you are so right about colour (here I go banging on about colour theory again) but you can’t get the colours right unless you understand colour theory. Knowing what + what = what is the key. It has to be studied and practiced…no short cuts.

  2. Robyn Varpins

    SO Much better than a photo!! They don’t compare….you have not copied, but have interpreted….and most importantly LOVED the image…a photo can’t do that. Delicious!

  3. occasionalartist

    You have dived straight back into your drawings after the show. This is gorgeous and so interesting to see how you have used and modified your source photo. I spent quite some time flipping back and forth, to see what you have done both with colour and composition. How devine are those fabrics!

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Well, Karen, the reason I dived back in was because I’d only had a trip to Kyoto in June and so I have tons of source material which I’m dying to get stuck into. As I didn’t do a single bit of drawing for the three weeks of my exhibition, I was desperate to get back to it.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      As a matter of fact, Ann, at this stage of my life I sleep less than I used to. However, I only ever draw in natural daylight and now that the days are getting longer, I am able to draw more than I was in June, July and August. Lucky I don’t live in countries where the light in winter is almost non-existent!

      1. Donna Ryan

        In countries like that, the pencils would be too cold to work with, too! It’s just breathtaking painting, Julie. Cheers

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