Monthly Archives: July 2021

Sunset Flight

“Sunset Flight” Luminance coloured pencils. 29 x 29 cm. July 2021.

As Fremantle reflects the last of the sinking sun’s rays, a crested tern flies overhead.

I used a photo reference for this drawing which I’d taken 19 years ago. I love making art from my travels. If I can’t fly across continents at the moment, I can still travel back in time.

Over the past few months I have been taking many photos around Fremantle and it is interesting to compare the town-scape in 2021 with that of 2002. Below is a photo I took a few days ago – almost exactly the same view as in the drawing. The space that was open and charming two decades ago is now clogged up with block-y construction. No wonder I hark back.

“Sunset Flight” is a lost view.

Almost the same view as in my drawing “Sunset Flight”. I took this photo a couple of weeks ago to compare it with the drawing. For my drawing I used a photo that I’d taken back in 2002.

Maritime Morning

“Maritime Morning” coloured pencils, 29 x 29 cm. July 2021

At the red lighthouse, known as North Mole, the rising sun lights up all in its path, including the moon as it sets over the Indian Ocean.