Right Royal Ribbing

With spray can and Andy Warhol

With spray can and Andy Warhol

La Danse

La Danse

Piano accordion

Serenade with piano accordion

It's A Girl!

It’s A Girl!

Princess Di in phone box

Princess Di in phone box

Queen Victoria sewing

Queen Victoria sewing

Playing guitar

Serenade with guitar

Burger King crown

Burger King crown

Spray can with monopoly

Spray can and monopoly money

Don’t get me wrong.  I am a fan of royalty.  I am also a fan of street art (as you know) and I found plenty of it in London.  So much in fact that there is too much for one post.  As I came across royal image after royal image in the streets of Shoreditch, East London, I realised I would have to give this subject a post all of its own.  I hope The Firm doesn’t mind.

I have so much LONDON to share.  This is an aperitif.


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7 thoughts on “Right Royal Ribbing

  1. Robyn Varpins

    oh what jolly fun…..it hadn’t occurred to me that the queen’s image would be so popular….I guess she is a part of the English psyche


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