The Gladness and Joy Department


Every Christmas day I like to look through my old pile of Giles Sunday Express and Daily Express Cartoons.  Today I have been looking at 1950/1951.  Post Brexit and U.S elections, Giles’ Christmas 1950 cartoons seem relevant to Christmas 2016.


Thank you, Giles, for reminding us that the old days when we were ‘great’, were not necessarily so great.  And thanks, Trump and Putin, for wanting us to return to them.

Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men.

7 thoughts on “The Gladness and Joy Department

  1. anna warren portfolio

    This brings back so many memories! When we were children, every year we got the Giles Cartoon annual book, it kept the whole family amused. The cartoons were clever and poignant, and so well drawn! My parents loved Giles, and once my mother wrote to him complimenting him on a cartoon, and he sent her the original. She had it framed and it hung in our kitchen for years. Don’t know where it is now though ….

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Gosh, Anna! I wonder what happened to that original Giles cartoon? What a very kind man to give away one of his cartoons. Also it is an insight into your mother’s nature that she felt moved enough to write to him with praise for his work. Such a great story!!

  2. xanderest

    AS my Mother in law was fond of saying: There’s nothing new under the sun. [obviously technology came in the ‘ under the moon ‘ category and that was all evidence of some long forgotten civilisation.] I’m not joking !

    Very best wishes to you and Matt for 2017.


  3. rhodjoy

    Thank you, Julie! Haven’t seen Giles for years (both my parents were English and were avid readers and commentators on all things Giles) and they are certainly even more relevant now, I think. Looking forward to more of the same……….!!

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      I have a pile of them here at home, Joy. I found them at Elizabeth’s Secondhand Bookshop several years ago. I simply couldn’t leave them there. They had to come to a home which would appreciate them. The annuals I grew up with are still with the family back in New Zealand. That man was a genius!!!


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