Caran d’Ache Open Stock in Australia

imageI have just found a shop in Sydney which sells open stock of all Caran d’Ache coloured pencils including the gorgeous Luminance.  The staff told me that they are Australia’s biggest stockists of Caran d’Ache art materials and that they post all over Australia.

Every type of boxed set is in the shop however I am more excited to share news of open stock with my Australian coloured pencil friends.

The name is Kadmium Art + Design supplies.  The address is 80b Bay Street, BROADWAY NSW  2007.  Phone 02 9212 2669.  Website is

As I had limited time (due to my imminent return flight to Perth) I was not able to explore the whole shop. All I could do during my quick visit was to check out the Caran d’Ache range, buy some blenders and chat to the staff.  It was the icing on the cake of my Sydney trip to find this shop…quite by chance.

Other Caran d’Ache pencil ranges included Pablos, Museum Aquarelle and Supracolor. Neocolor crayons and Neopastels were available in boxes and singles.  Plus there were all manner of paints, pens and papers.  (They also have open stock of Sennelier oil pastels.)

When I get home I will add all this information to my Art Materials page.  I just have to fly across the continent first.

Several hours later: home again.

"Alone in the Upper Marais" is a drawing with Luminance coloured pencils.

“Alone in the Upper Marais”
is a drawing using Luminance coloured pencils.

PS:  Since first finding Kadmium Art + Design Supplies, I have returned several times, made many purchases plus talked to the owners who are dedicated to the artists they supply to.   I highly recommend this art supply store.  It is a treasure trove.

"Nearly Dusk" an impression of rue Quincampoix drawn with Luminance. December 2016

“Nearly Dusk”
an impression of rue Quincampoix drawn with Luminance.
December 2016



10 thoughts on “Caran d’Ache Open Stock in Australia

  1. barbara moore

    That’s good news. Hoping for some visitors from Australia…I can get them sent to them. Thanks for sharing Julie!

    Sent from my iPad

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Hi Anielka, while I use Luminance, I don’t keep bulk stock. So I can’t sell you a black pencil myself. You will have to buy some pencils on-line from a supplier in the eastern states. Kadmium Art + Design sell on-line and so do Melbourne Art Supplies. You will probably need to order a few pencils to make the freight cost worthwhile. I approached the owner of Jacksons Drawing Supplies in W.A to stock Luminance but he wasn’t interested and he wouldn’t budge on his decision.

  2. Lois Chriss

    Hi Julie
    Just letting you know you can get wonderful art supplies including Caran d’Ache from
    And they are cheaper and very reliable!
    Very helpful too. Based in Victoria.
    Love your work. Would love to see it next time I travel to Perth.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Hello Lois, thanks for your comments. Yes, I have used in the past – buying products on-line from Sennelier and Caran d’Ache as well as paper. I did have a couple of problems with the packaging not being protective enough – but – this was several years ago and so packaging has hopefully improved. You would be most welcome to come and visit my studio next time you come to Perth. I’m in the Fremantle area. Oh – and I would love it if started to hold open stock of Derwent Lightfast pencils – all 100 colours. All the best, Julie


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