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“Entrance 1. the act or an instance of going or coming in; a door, passage etc. by which one enters; right of admission; the coming of an actor on stage.”                                        “Entrance 2. enchant, delight; put into a trance; overwhelm with … Continue reading

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Being There

“Being There” refers to the viewer probably more than it does to Katsutomo-san, herself. During the Kyoto photo-shoot on 15th September 2015, I am inspired by what I see.  I grab the image with a camera click. So quick.  Later on, back in my … Continue reading

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A Reflective Moment

When I started to draw “A Reflective Moment” on October 15th, I was full of trepidation. My previous drawing on Velin BFK Rives had fallen through so my confidence was at an all-time low.  For this new drawing I was trying a … Continue reading

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Go Around Again

To view the photos from the day before, see A Walk with Katsutomo-san I hope you clicked on the photos to enlarge them.

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A Walk with Katsutomo-san

It just so happened that the day I arrived in Kyoto was also the day Katsutomo-san made her debut as Geiko.  What fantastic fortune for me!  I was ready.  The following photos document my walk with Katsutomo-san.   (Please click on the … Continue reading

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The title of my drawing “Diamonds” refers to the diamond shapes in the footpath and also to the three maiko who walk upon them.  The elegance and grace of Satsuki, Katsutomo and Mameroku, coupled with their rich fabric ensembles, make them a vision to behold.  Even a thoroughly urban … Continue reading

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The Art of Elegance

For the past several weeks while I have been stressing about my upcoming exhibition, I have also been working on this drawing which I finally finished yesterday.  I took the photo for this drawing in Kyoto about two months ago. … Continue reading

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