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I am a realist artist who works in coloured pencils.

Kookaburra sits…

As I sat on a Sydney balcony admiring the view, which included planes every couple of minutes, I heard a song and turning around I saw that I was being watched by a kookaburra on the balcony opposite. I was … Continue reading

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Sideshow Alley

Boulevard de Clichy in Pigalle is a busy strip of peep shows, sex shops, clubs and bars.  In search of bright lights as well as photos of Moulin Rouge, I went there one evening last October. I have always had … Continue reading

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Why would I give a prayer-like title to a drawing of a busy Paris street?  The answer is that when I walk and am deeply inspired by my surroundings, what could be more like prayer?  Or to think of a … Continue reading

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My Blue Whale Neighbours

Who knew that Blue Whales hang out off the coast of Perth during our summers, a few nautical miles from where I am sitting typing at home right now?  Not me, until last week when I happened across Whale Watch … Continue reading

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The Elegant 4th

This drawing celebrates the simple elegance of a quiet street in the 4th arrondissement on an October afternoon. You may also like to look at the page Coloured Pencil Impressionism

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In Town Tonight

“In Town Tonight” is an example of a small arrangement which I found within a larger composition. Occasionally a photo will be just perfect the way it is but most of my compositions are the result of cropping and then … Continue reading

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Perched at the pinnacle of North Mole lighthouse the Osprey surveys his space.  His penetrating eyes register every movement.  When he is ready he will swoop off the narrow ledge to patrol on the air currents.  He will dive-bomb the … Continue reading

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