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I am a realist artist who works in coloured pencils.

Day Trip to Giverny

“Day Trip to Giverny” is a drawing of a scene I photographed in Monet’s garden .  I have often looked at the 2012 source photo but it looked a bit daunting to draw.  However in January 2018 I decided to … Continue reading

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Time and Space

Here  – an erect rose There – bones of the exoskeleton encasing Centre Georges Pompidou Beyond – walls, roofs, spires (Notre Dame) and air Layers of time.  Forms in space.

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Tall Poppy

It isn’t always a bad thing to be a tall poppy, especially when you are festooned in red-pink petals and surrounded by a population of green shrubs.  Who would dare accuse you of rising beyond your station?   You smile and … Continue reading

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City Slicker

“City Slicker” – noun – informal, derogatory: a person with the sophistication and values generally associated with urban dwellers. The opportunistic raven is nobody’s fool.  He is sleek, healthy, clever, and manages just fine thank you very much in the … Continue reading

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Enchanted April

In April 2012 I visited Parc des Buttes-Chaumont in Belleville.  On that particular spring morning, Paris was hidden under a veil of mist. I love the poetry of mist – where some objects reveal themselves while others are  mysteriously obscured. … Continue reading

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Far from the Madding Crowd

If you have been to Paris, you know what Cathedrale Notre Dame is like.  Its magnificence makes it a magnet for tourists.  Endless queues snake towards its doors as people wait to go inside and up the tower.   Like all … Continue reading

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Happy Paris Anniversary

This weekend one year ago Alicia (middle daughter) and I arrived in Paris.  I am celebrating the anniversary with a slice of “Opera” cake from Wild Bakery (to be eaten later) and a look at the drawings I have done … Continue reading

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