Hurry Up!

"Hurry Up!" is drawn with coloured pencils on Arches Aquarelle smooth. 250 x 305 mm. June 2016

“Hurry Up!” is drawn with coloured pencils on Arches Aquarelle smooth.
250 x 305 mm.
June 2016

I may be nearly 57 but my eternal inner child is alive, well and as insistent as she was when I was actually her age.  A fortnight ago we travelled to Kyoto together.

“Hurry up!” she implored on each of the three nights we stayed out to photograph maiko and geiko.  “I’m bored already.  We’ve been out all day.  I’m tired.  I want to go back to my room.  I want to eat.”  And – “Buy me a macha ice cream”.  [I did.  It was delicious.]  “My feet hurt.  My knees, back and shoulders ache.  I need a bathroom.  I need a bed.”

I had to be firm.  “Just another half hour”, I replied.  “Wait until I get a couple more photos.  I tell you what, after the next maiko or geiko shows up, then we’ll go.  Just until 9, 9.30, just until 10.”

So the internal dialogue continued.  Adult Julie simply HAD to hold out; resist the whine from within.  This was a small window of opportunity (three days and nights) to acquire new source photos to draw from.  I couldn’t waste precious time by giving in and going back to the hotel.  I MUST HAVE PHOTOS!  (Or to quote a famous lady, “I must have my share…”)

We agreed on one thing; when maiko and geiko appeared, enabling us to get photos, both adult and inner child were exultant.  “YES!”

Maiko and geiko finally came out of various ozashiki and dashed in the rain to their next appointments.  The drawing’s title refers to their speed as they hurtled (with grace) past one another beneath red umbrellas.

Hurry Up!” is a drawing about movement; an impression of speed.  Plus the title acknowledges Inner Child.  It reminds me of our nightly reckoning as we endured mind-numbing boredom and fatigue on the dark wet streets of Gion – waiting interminably for a few quick bursts of elegant action.

14 thoughts on “Hurry Up!

  1. anna warren portfolio

    Lovely, soft looseness. The figures are translucent, almost ghostly as they hurry through the rain, but still the colours are as vibrant as ever. That inner child! Always there, always needing to be controlled but occasionally indulged. She gives a fresh look to the world that our older selves sometimes lose track of.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      I agree – the inner child might be what helps one to NOT slide towards middle-aged complacency, conservatism and indifference. Maybe. Actually I think my adult might be on the decline, with child on the incline!

  2. Sharon Kow

    I love how you describe your inner child self and the conversation you’re having with her. Your patience paid off for you’re truly a master of cp.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Sharon, my head space is bursting with voices. Not sure whose the other voices are – hmm, maybe Inner Critic, Inner Judge, Inner Told-You-So. All in all the inner child is one of the less painful ones.

      1. sherrytelle

        It took awhile for me to have time to read this, but as usual I read with my morning coffee. It is my guilty pleasure to take the time and always such a treat to wake up to a Julie Blog! Elegant action is exactly how I would describe this piece, it is what I would use for the title! As for the inner voices, I need to let my inner child take over more often. I listen far to often to the much less fun inner critic, and inner judge.

      2. juliepodstolski Post author

        “Elegant Action” reminds me of “easy action” which is spoken in one of the songs on West Side Story. I agree, it is a nice title but I’m going to stick with “Hurry Up!” Maybe I’ll use it for another drawing.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Thanks, Jennifer. It took a couple of days before I got into the swing of this one. For a bit there I thought it might be one for the bin. But fortunately I didn’t do anything hasty.

  3. Suzanne

    In the last 6 months I have returned to art & drawing after not picking up my pencils for the last 30 years. I am enjoying it so much, I wonder why I ever stopped…I guess the busyness of modern life got in the way. However, I am not going to stop this time. In the 6 months I can already see the improvement I have made. I am very self critical, but I guess all artists are (I am not referring to myself as an artist) but I think that I will not improve if I do not self critique. However I must learn to keep my self criticism to myself when others are admiring my work.

    As a result of this new found enthusiasm I am devouring everything I can find on the world of coloured pencils on line and have come across your blog. Julie you are astoundingly talented. I am particularly impressed by the lighting in your artwork and the details in the fabrics. I am also impressed that you have resisted the urge to use solvents, this I believe gives your work it’s very own character.

    Anyway, to cut my message short I just wanted to say how much I admire your work and you have gained another follower of your blog

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Hello Suzanne, welcome back to coloured pencils and welcome to my blog. Thanks so much for your communication to me – and please – if you have questions, do ask. (I love discussing pencils!) Maybe I haven’t bothered about solvents because I came out of years of oil painting. Therefore I wasn’t aiming to come up with something which mimicked paint once I picked up pencils. I was happy for the work to look like pencils. That solvent look doesn’t turn me on.
      I hope you have seen the permanent pages on my blog – especially Art Materials and Feedback, Questions and Comments as these may be useful to you. Thanks, Susan! Julie


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