A Tale of Two Papers

Version 1

Version 1 of “Amethyst” on Velin BFK Rives.  July 2015.

Version 2 of "Amethyst" on Magnani Pescia. September 2015.

Version 2 of “Amethyst” on Magnani Pescia. September 2015.

On the 1st of July I posted Spot the Difference.  In that post I stated my intention to draw the same picture on two different papers so that I could see how each paper compared to its counterpart.  But I got tired of the experiment.  After completing the drawing on Velin BFK Rives,  I temporarily gave up on the Magnani Pescia version.   It was too monotonous to do the same subject twice in a row.   I put the part-finished Pescia drawing away for a rainy day.

This week, with some time on my hands (the proverbial ‘rainy day’), I finished the second version on Pescia.  I didn’t refer to the first drawing while doing the second as I wanted to keep each work fresh and independent of the other.   Only yesterday I finally put the two drawings side by side, although the first had already been framed under glass.

In conclusion I am surprised at how similar my two drawings are.  If anything, I carried on working for longer with the Pescia laying on more colours than I did with the Rives drawing.   This wasn’t for any reason other than I was working instinctively with each paper.   Overall it is hard to say which is better, if indeed one IS better than the other.

What I found, and perhaps this is the main thing, I enjoyed working with both papers equally.  My Better Half (Matthew) is fascinated with all the Velin BFK Rives drawings I have done so far (five of them).   He thinks Rives produces a more painterly result with pencils than Pescia does.  He says colour on Rives is picked up by light in such a way that it has a luminous glowing quality about it.

I guess I had better continue with Rives then – especially since I have just used my last piece of Pescia in the world.  All gone.

POSTSCRIPT: (October 2015) I decided I didn’t like the Pescia version of this drawing at all so I threw it out.  Now only the Rives version remains.

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About juliepodstolski

I am a realist artist who works in coloured pencils.
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8 Responses to A Tale of Two Papers

  1. Tina Walsh says:

    Julie… They are both fantastic!!

  2. I love the vibrancy of the Pescia, but the Velin gives off a really nice subdued look, especially on the kimono!

  3. Beautiful…both of them.

  4. Such an interesting exercise, and good on you for seeing it through! It will be useful to reflect on, how the two papers have responded, although in a way it is theoretical since Pescia is no more. The Rives does have a depth that the Pescia doesn’t so it is lucky you have come to love the Rives. Will you tell the buyer of the first that there is another version of that image out there?

    • Hi Anna, I have no problem with telling a prospective buyer that there are two of these. Each one took hours of hard and honest work. As to the Pescia, it is supposed to be back soon according to Magnani.

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