Art Essentials for a Winter Trip



When travelling in winter it is good to be prepared for being stuck indoors.   Far more important than packing clothes (though they ARE important) are the items which will keep an artist sane when away from her studio; books, writing journal, I-phone and art materials.

I bought myself a small cardboard folder and then cut it down even smaller so that it was just big enough to protect a 21 x 26 cm prepared work to draw on.  It fits perfectly inside my carry-on cabin bag.  I also purchased a pencil pouch made by Derwent.  It holds around 30 pencils and is better than a pencil case as the pencils are not knocking up against one another in transit.  Now I am able to work on this drawing on days such as this i.e. it is pelting with rain outside.

I also have two books to read which I’ve read several times each in the past but I still enjoy them.  “Geisha of Gion” by Mineko Iwasaki and “Autobiography of a Geisha” by Sayo Masuda; both terrific portraits of life in the Flower and Willow world.

Before the weather turned nasty I managed to get to two fantastic art shops in Sydney.  Parkers Sydney Fine Art Supplies – and The Sydney Art Store – are both utter dreams to look around and have far more treasures than we can ever get to view in Western Australia.

I have bought three A4-sized pads of drawing papers to try.  If I particularly like them, I can order much bigger pads on line.  The first is Fabriano Accademia ‘Desegno’ (Drawing) paper 200 gsm (94lbs).  The other two are both by Lana from France – Bristol Drawing Board 250 gsm (113 lbs) and Dessin Drawing Block 220 gsm (100 lbs).  It is going to be a pleasure to try these papers which all look promising for coloured pencils.

It is comforting to have these supportive friends around me.  But now, as I glance out the window for the umpteenth time, I think it might be clearing up.  Time to head back out!

P.S.  (3rd August 2015)  This is how the drawing turned out.  See the post Her First Day.

Her First Day small size

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I am a realist artist who works in coloured pencils.
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7 Responses to Art Essentials for a Winter Trip

  1. That is an excellent kit you have there Julie, very well thought out. I like those pencil rolls too, you can tidy them away but see everything when you need to. But be warned, I have found that the pencils slide out if you happen to turn the roll the wrong way up! They really need a flap at the top as well as the bottom. And that is the sharpener I thought!

    • Okay I will be careful not to turn the pencils upside down. Thanks for the warning. It IS a lovely kit. I may never get another chance to use it if I am busy seeing people and walking around. However it is a comfort to know it is there if I need it – rather like a dummy or pacifier.

  2. Great art packing Julie, I always end taking as many art supplies as clothes when I travel, clothes I can always buy, but not decent art supplies. Enjoy Sydney. Karen

  3. cindydrawpj says:

    This looks like so much fun Julie, have a safe and happy trip!

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