The Control Centre


The Control Centre in our house is a big room upstairs.  It is a combination of artist’s studio and engineer’s office.  We spend more time in this space than any other part of our house.  It is a room for composing, thinking, discussing, drawing, writing, problem-solving, number-crunching, having business meetings, listening to music – and sometimes just being quiet with a book.

Here is our office studio, photographed this morning with winter sun shining through the northern window.  I sit at a southern window so that I may enjoy light without direct sun. The work on my drawing board is about three quarters done.

Neither Matt nor I have a five day week.  We are up here every day as for each of us our work is also our fun (much of the time – when it isn’t being frustrating) and rather all-consuming.  Office hours are long; from morning right into the following morning.  The light may be on up here until 3 a.m sometimes.   Hence we don’t count our work hours – (why would we?) – nor do we have a concept of retirement at some future time.

Once per day we walk up to our local café for a coffee and to mull over our various projects together.  In fact Matt suggests it is that time right now.  See you again soon when the drawing in this photo is complete.

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About juliepodstolski

I am a realist artist who works in coloured pencils.
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21 Responses to The Control Centre

  1. Tina Walsh says:

    Thanks for showing your creative room !! Love Tina.

  2. kathleen campisano says:

    love it… I want to convert my living room into my drawing room because it’s a wasted room. No one uses it because the entertainment is in the family room. Your room looks comfy andI think I could use the same concept. Couch, coffee table and of course art table along my window! Thanks for sharing.

    • And around the corner, Kathleen, is my computer and printer. I couldn’t fit it all into the photo.
      Indeed, who needs an unused lounge? You have my blessing to convert that space to an art room.

  3. PS: We bought the tea trolley to BE a tea trolley. But I nicked it for my pencils and so the poor thing has never been a tea trolley in its life.

  4. Diane plum says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. This looks like an excellent set-up. My hubby likes me to be in the same room as he is working but I haven’t developed a good area for me to “create” yet. This gives me some good ideas.

    • Well, Diane, I do recommend a tea trolley when you are thinking about your creative space. In another part of the room there is a painter’s easel too. I could have only shown that if I had done a 360 degree photo. I use the easel for the final stages of a drawing.

  5. johnzastowney says:

    Hi Julie. I am envious of your space, and that light! I am in the process of creating something similar in my home as I have the room carved out already and am centering everything around the window. By the way, Congratulations and Kudos on your Best of Show Award that was announced in the most recent To The Point, which arrived in my mailbox last week.

    • Thanks for your congratulations, John. I am still awaiting my “To the Point” copy. As I live in Australia, my copy arrives long after yours does.
      All the best with your proposed art room.

  6. Merilyn Elson says:

    That sounds awesome!

  7. What a great space! Very tidy, as I knew it would be. Even though you and Matt work together, you have your clearly defined spaces which has to be a good thing. It looks a space of great calm and serenity, and comfort too. I spend more time in my own ‘control centre’ than anywhere else in the house as well, so it has to be the place where I feel most at home.

  8. Ann Kullberg says:

    You’re making me homesick, Julie! 😉

  9. elisa ruland says:

    I can see why you both thrive in such a welcoming space. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  10. bonnywagoner says:

    May I ask an off topic question. I tried going back through old blogs to find the mention but I’m not finding it yet. You mentioned having to change what paper you use and I think (?) you said you changed to BFK Reeves. If so, which one? Seems there’s a range of papers they make with different finishes. Where I am I can’t get small samples to test.

    • Hi Bonny, the full name of the paper is Velin BFK Rives. As far as I know there is only one Velin BFK Rives, no different finishes – except for the weight. The one I am using is 275 gsm but I’ve seen it for 320 gsm but I think you can only get that weight in rolls. I have a feeling it comes in 245 gsm weight as well.
      I still prefer using Pescia and will most likely return to it if and when new supplies of it are out (which is supposed to be later this year).

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