Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl - a portrait in profile of Sayaka

Blue Pearl – a portrait in profile of Sayaka

A few weeks after naming a drawing “Diamonds“, I am once again asking a jewel to lend me its name.  This time the jewel is a blue pearl; a type of pearl which was developed on New Zealand shores utilizing the paua shellfish.

Sayaka in her pale blue kimono calls to mind the peaceful blue pearl.   Maiko and geiko may look stern when they walk in busy streets.  Who can blame them?  Even when surrounded by camera-happy tourists (and the odd artist), Sayaka exhibits a calm demeanour.  She is unflappable.  How apt then to have her dressed in a blue as serene as a sea of tranquility.

As well as being inspired by Sayaka, I was attracted to the area of out-of-focus blue posters on the right of this picture.  Their aurora-like phosphorescence added to the meditative mood.  It was while working on their shapes and colours that I was moved to write last week’s post, “No Such Thing as Background“.  To me, their presence was as important in the composition as Sayaka herself.  A composition is one whole rather than a priority subject and ‘all the rest’.

A pacific pearl or blue pearl, photographed with a pencil so that you can see its relative size.

My blue pearl from New Zealand, photographed with a pencil so that you can see its size.

Sayaka is the oneesan (elder sister) of Satsuki.  I imagine that she is a lovely big sister; in fact, I know because Satsuki told me so herself.



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I am a realist artist who works in coloured pencils.
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4 Responses to Blue Pearl

  1. karmicmouse says:

    The more I see it, the more I love your artwork.

  2. The colour blue seems to be a constant in your Japanese drawings – there is a sense of calm and timelessness that is somehow evoked by it. The actual pearl is very beautiful – an ocean of colour. The ‘background’ is very simple in this drawing, but absolutely essential to the mood. Lovely.

    • Blue certainly has been a thread throughout these recent works, Anna. And – whoops – there it is again in the drawing I am currently working on – though with a big dollop of red as well.

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