"Greetings" is a portrait of Kanako.  Coloured pencils on pescia paper.  38 x 38 cm.  Drawn in December 2014.

“Greetings” is a portrait of Kanako. Coloured pencils on pescia paper. 38 x 38 cm. Drawn in December 2014.

My drawing “Greetings” has made it.  Phew!  I wasn’t sure that it would.  This poor drawing had interruptions to such an extent that I lost my thread of “original intention” with it.  I was threatened with jury duty (which I managed to defer until April) and then went overseas during the course of this piece.  What had been my reason for wanting to draw this?  Only a couple of days ago I couldn’t remember the answer.  I said to Matthew, “I think this drawing might be for the rubbish bin.”  I had a sore stomach at the time (thanks to Bali food).  The only reason I mention the stomach is that I had the good sense to think that my dissatisfaction with the drawing might have more to do with my physical ailment than the drawing itself.  So I put the drawing aside and went to bed.

The next morning, feeling much better, I had another look.  Lo and behold the drawing looked to have potential after all.  During that night I had remembered what my thoughts had been when taking this subject on in late November.  I wanted to convey a fresh-faced maiko, smiling and without make-up.  The drawing was to be almost like Kanako’s scrubbed face; pure and serene.  Once I remembered the message I wanted to convey, I could continue drawing with purpose.  Otherwise, she would be just a face.  I asked myself – if I, the artist, did not have conviction about what I was trying to say, how could you, the viewer, relate to the end product?

Kanako was spotted by me during a summer afternoon in June.  She was doing her rounds, pen in hand, perhaps checking out her appointments for the evening.  Here she was when I first saw her…(at least, here is my drawing of that first sight of her).

Step by Step

Kanako in my drawing “Step by Step”

Now in “Greetings” you can see what her face looks like.  She had her misedashi (debut) on May 12th 2014 so she had only been a maiko for a few weeks when I saw her.  Already she was thoroughly trained in poise and good manners.  (A young girl has to work hard for months and months before she is considered ready for her debut as a maiko.)

Finally, speaking of “Greetings”, may I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Wherever you are in the world, I send greetings to you from my home in Fremantle, Western Australia.

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UPDATE: 18th June 2015.  After much consideration I have decided once and for all that “Greetings” is not a good drawing.  It is rather insipid and dull.  So today I, without regret, ripped it up.

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I am a realist artist who works in coloured pencils.
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8 Responses to Greetings

  1. Sherry Telle says:

    A very Merry Christmas to you too Cousin! This piece is lovely, and Kanako’s open friendliness shines through! Once again your blog post has made my day a little brighter! Because of our time difference inevitably I read these first thing in the morning with my coffee and they set the tone for my whole day. The conviction that a drawing will mean more to the viewer if it has meaning to you is such a revelation to me, I have been doing commissions for too long! It is a light bulb moment for me. Lots of love and laughter to you in the coming year.

  2. karmicmouse says:

    When I first saw your journal, I thought “ooh, what beautiful photos.” Now that I know you do them in pencil, I am exponentially blown away by their beauty and detail. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

  3. Ann Kullberg says:

    Always so love your posts, Julie. Merry Christmas to one of my favorite living artists! 🙂

  4. It is so lovely to see the face behind the ‘mask’ of the impeccably applied make-up, and this is what you have conveyed in this drawing – a freshness of the young girl, clearly happy to be going about her tasks, committed to her profession. Another lovely drawing Julie, I am looking forward to all you will do in the coming year! I have so enjoyed our interaction and happily anticipate much more! All good wishes for tomorrow and the New Year! x

    • Anna, there is a lot more interaction to come; plenty more as we continue to think, question and discuss. What could be finer than art and conversation among friends?
      Happy Christmas to you too, Anna.

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