New Order for Old Posts

Introducing a useful new page…

"Old George, Local Hero" a drawing from 2001.  Old drawings and old posts still have a life.

“Old George, Local Hero” a drawing from 2001. Old drawings and old posts still have a life.

Lately many new readers have come across my blog.  I thank you all for coming and I warmly welcome you to my site!  I try to think of ways to make the blog easier to get around.    When I started the blog I was confused by posts and pages.  What is the difference and how do I help readers to go from one to another?

Posts are the articles you find when you click on Home.  Posts arrive in your email inbox if you have chosen to follow the blog.   If you are in Home you can scroll down through the posts to find one which may be of interest.  However, due to scrolling not being a particularly methodical way of finding information, I created a Contents of Posts page.  On this contents page I list all my posts in descending order from earliest post to most recent.  Each title has a live link to the post.  After each title is a brief description of what that post is about.    Example:       Love is in the Air  a Valentine’s Day post with a Paris theme

At the conclusion of every post there is the option – “Return to Contents of Posts page”  – in case you would like to browse through more titles.

As well as this, I have been cross referencing.   If you are reading a post (or page) about a particular subject, I provide the links in that post (or page) with other relevant posts and pages.  For example in the post Waiting (about my drawing which I called “Waiting”) there are links to the pages Work-in-progress: Waiting and Subject 2:Geisha

There is no ‘Contents of Pages‘ page because you can easily see titles of pages at the top of your screen wherever you are on the blog, (white type on black background).  While I write posts regularly, pages are more in the way of reference material and there are less of them than posts.

I would like to think that old posts, like old drawings and paintings, still have a life so I do hope you will make use of the Contents of Posts page.

"Wish You Were Here" another old work, from around 1999 or 2000 portraying life on a typical Perth beach.

“Wish You Were Here” another old work (oil painting), from around 2001 portraying life on a typical Perth beach.

Return to Contents of Posts page

About juliepodstolski

I am a realist artist who works in coloured pencils.
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5 Responses to New Order for Old Posts

  1. You are very organised Julie! It does make sense to have a Contents list. There are many posts I read and think later I would like to revisit them but they are very hard to find. The warmth and richness you have in both these works is very satisfying, you really capture light. My eye keeps coming back to Old George, the red roof is lovely!

    • Thanks, Anna. I couldn’t even think of a contents page such as this until I’d found out how to make a live link. That was yesterday’s lesson – after I learned about emptying the recycling bin on the computer. Learning to use a computer seems to take, literally, a lifetime.
      Regarding Old George, poor building! It was originally a hotel. Then, for years it had a Thai restaurant within its rooms, artists’ studios and an art gallery. THEN East Fremantle Council kicked every tenant out and it was up for redevelopment. Since that time (several years ago) it has been empty and derelict. What a miserable and tragic situation for such a beautiful old building. I suppose the Council thought that artists’ didn’t pay enough rent. Now nobody pays rent and the building gradually decays.

      • There is always more to learn on the computer, isn’t there? I have been using a computer for work since the early 90s (dragged kicking and screaming I have to say) but found I loved it from the beginning. However, I know that programs such as Photoshop require enormous dedication to learn thoroughly, don’t think I will ever get there! It’s sad about buildings like this – no-one really takes ownership once they belong to the Council, and making decisions about their future becomes too hard so they gradually fall apart.

    • Hi again Anna, I only use Photoshop Elements and believe me when I tell you that I only use THE most basic functions. Recently I wanted to enter an on-line colour pencil competition but size requirements were exact size of 72 dpi and 1000 pixels at longest side. I looked at that information and decided that I wouldn’t be able to enter as I didn’t have a clue how to achieve either 72 dpi or 1000 pixels. After MUCH back and forth email between the patient and lovely secretary of the art society, plus Matt and I trialing and erroring at our end, we finally GOT IT. Now I see that it is very easy using Elements but without somebody in the know IN THE ROOM to explain, it wasn’t easy to get to the point where it WAS easy … if you see what I mean. I needed a stiff coffee after that one! (Thank you, Lissa, if ever you read this!!) I have the sort of brain that goes quite blank when it sees instructions.

  2. Love these older paintings Julie! One talented spirit you are! x

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