"Waiting" a portrait of Satohana in Kamishichiken.

“Waiting” a portrait of Satohana in Kamishichiken.  340 x 520 mm. 2013



“Waiting” is a portrait of Satohana who was waiting for (I presume) her family to exit the theatre after a performance of Kitano Odori.  The drawing “Rare View” illustrates what happened next; when Satohana and a small girl (perhaps her sister) walked off together hand-in-hand.

"Rare View" Satohana walks away.

“Rare View” Satohana walks away. 2013

I started “Waiting” while I was still in Art Hell before I had finished with “Sakura at Dusk”.  It wasn’t until I had destroyed “Sakura at Dusk” that I could put uninterrupted heart and soul into “Waiting”.  I had to get the former irritation out of my life first!

I am presently on the opposite side of Art Hell.  I am briefly in Art Heaven.  (YAY!)  What is this state?  It is a state of blissful optimism.  I am on an art high.    The drawing worked.  My confidence is restored and I’m pleasant company.   I feel inspired to go straight into another drawing and have, in fact, already prepared it today.  It is so much easier to be inspired to do a new piece when the work just completed has overcome its obstacles.  Being on a high doesn’t last any longer than being on a low.  Soon I will even out and be boringly normal again.  However this high is lovely while it lasts.

“Sakura at Dusk” unofficially became “Art Hell” to me . (Art Hell and Art Hell 2 are the posts referring to this.)   Conversely as I’m currently in Art Heaven, to my mind Satohana is my ‘”Blue Angel”.   Rest assured, the lady’s not for burning.

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