Putting a cat amongst the pencils

…as opposed to ‘putting a cat amongst the pigeons’.  In this case, Saphie put herself amongst the pencils.

When my cat, Saphie, wants attention she plants herself right on my pencils.

When my cat, Saphie, wants attention she plants herself right on my pencils.

It is Sunday afternoon in rainy Perth.  As it is nearly Saphie’s feeding time, she is meowing at my feet as I type.  I’m hoping that Matthew will feed her.  A few minutes before this while I was still drawing, she hopped onto my pencils and made herself at home.  Cats always know how to put themselves into the middle of things when they feel you need distracting ie to feed them.  Apparently Winston Churchill’s cat did the same thing, sitting on his biographical papers while he was trying to write them.

Behind Saphie, you can see the drawing I am currently working on.  This drawing is GOING to work out.  How do I know?  Because, if you remember, my last drawing was the subject of ‘Art Hell 2’.  Historically, when my drawing or painting dies, the next one always succeeds.  So I’m quite sure that history will repeat and that, all being well, my next post will be on this finished drawing.  Every now and then I am photographing the work-in-progress so that along with my next post, there will be a new work-in-progress page.  I learned from the failure of ‘Sakura at Dusk’ (Art Hell) that a failed drawing does not mean a failed post as those two posts I wrote, ‘Art Hell’ and ‘Art Hell 2’, had more people viewing them than any other posts I had written.  Compensation though that was, I still hope ‘Waiting’ (current drawing) doesn’t become ‘Art Hell 3’!  I’m sure it is time to write a positive post even if it gets less views than a complaining post.

I am happy to report that almost everything sold at the “Help the Homeless” Art Auction (which I wrote about last week) including my two drawings.  It was a wonderful night with a full house and very many enthusiastic bidders.  A massive thank you to all who came along as well as to everyone involved in organizing this event.

I have just noticed that it is all quiet.  While I have been writing to you, Matthew has fed the cat and now she has gone out.  Presently (nice Matt) is making me a cup of tea.  The light has faded enough so that I cannot do any more drawing for today.  Once it is around 4pm at this time of year, there is not enough natural light to draw by.  So I will attend to other matters and return to my drawing (a portrait of Satohana) tomorrow.

After sitting on my Holbein pencils, she moves to my Faber Castell and Caran d'Ache pencils on the other side.

After sitting on my Holbein pencils, she moves to my Faber Castell and Caran d’Ache pencils on the other side.

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11 thoughts on “Putting a cat amongst the pencils

  1. Karen

    I have found this enchanting cat behaviour to be even less enchanting when you work with ink, and happen to have heaps of work still drying on the studio floor at feeding time. Luckily, or not so luckily, I have neither a cat, nor heaps of work drying, at this stage in my life. They say the only constant in life is change. To a cat the only constant is “eat-up” time. (If you haven’t seen Beasts of the Southern Wild to get that quote, then haste yourself immediately to your nearest netflix…you shall not be disappointed.)

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Karen, I’ve had a cat jump onto a palette of oil paints in the past and also had one walk onto a wet oil painting. Saphie has knocked my pencils onto the floor in the past – a whole tray of them! These days she is rather slow so there is no ‘leap of surprise’. I see her coming and prepare for her presence.

  2. Robyn Varpins

    Your picture has a great composition, so it has to work…..and.cat-on-pencils is delightful too

  3. Justine Victoria Sobocan

    My cat has done many similar things. She’s older now (16!) but she’s become more stubborn and vocal in her old age. Two days ago when I was trying to list items in my Etsy store she kept coming up to me on my bed to sit on my lap but, since I was working, I kept nudging her off. Eventually she decided to just climb over and lay down across my collar bones, thus blocking my entire view of the screen and delivering me a face full of fur!

  4. Merilyn Elson

    Hi Julie,
    Just got back from Croatia – so many cats! You would love it. Add it to your list of places to photograph.

  5. anna warren portfolio

    Cats do like to be involved, and I have found they love the warmth of paper to sit on, which also holds hazards (for us, not them!). Your drawing is looking beautiful, I do like the way you interpret your reference. Do you mask the edges, or can you be neat enough to work within a key line?

  6. Julie Silvester

    If I don’t turn my pastel paintings around facing the wall I sometime spot the occasional coloured fur coat walking through the house! love my cats but do get annoyed the way they think they own EVERYTHING thats yours!! Keep up the posts! xxx


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